How We Work

Benefit Defender makes health insurance payments happen. Health insurance reimbursement requires many interactions as demonstrated below. Benefit Defender strives to become the one point of interaction for you. Imagine saving time and money by allowing the Benefit Defender team to manage your health insurance reimbursement. Our healthcare reimbursement specialists and medical professionals are ready to assist you 24/7.

Without Benefit Defender

With Benefit Defender

  1. If you first contact us by calling our telephone number, we will provide you up to 30 minutes of free consultation to assess your insurance coverage issue. During this consultation we will ask a variety of questions that will assist us in evaluating your problem. Please be prepared with your insurance card and any information that might be helpful for us to evaluate your problem.

    Benefit Defender allows you to create a free account on our website. After selecting your Secure Login to Benefit Defender, you will need to complete your profile page. This form will need to be completed and sent to us so we are able to evaluate your insurance coverage issue. Upon completion of your profile page, you are able to contact us through your message center. The HIPAA compliant communication system allows you to communicate directly with our nurses, healthcare reimbursement specialists, doctors and other medical professionals in real in time.

  2. Once our Healthcare Benefits Specialists review your insurance coverage issue, the specialist appropriate for your case will contact you via telephone, fax or your message center available through your Benefit Defender account. The Healthcare Benefits Specialist will inform you of what services could be offered and can provide you with service pricing.

  3. Our professionally trained Healthcare Benefits Specialists will inform you on the status of your insurance coverage issue as work progresses. Benefit Defender strives to have positive outcomes for all clients. Click here to get help now with your health insurance issue.