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Benefit Defender is a cloud based collaborative platform that provides prescription and medical claims reimbursement and appeal services. Benefit Defender assists individuals with various health insurance and government health coverage problems. Our Healthcare Benefits Specialists are comprised of registered professional nurses, legal consultants, and benefit reimbursement specialists with experience in the insurance industry and government. Our Healthcare Benefits Specialists can help clients manage medical claims from beginning to end, making sure that clients receive maximum insurance benefits reimbursement allowed under their insurance policy. For more information about our services, please refer to "Our Services" section of this website.

Benefit Defender utilizes privacy safeguards such as 256 SSL bit encryption. Our Healthcare Benefits Specialists ask clients to sign release forms specifying who is and is not allowed access to their records. Clients can sign our release to allow family members, employers or friends whom they trust, to view their information. Healthcare Benefits Specialists will verify authorization and identity before releasing information to any person or company. We will ask security questions or personal information such as social security number, date of birth, home address and other personal information to ensure we are speaking to the correct person. Please see the "Privacy Policy" for additional information.

Benefit Defender provides various options for you to send us your information. Our clients can create an account and upload private health information from our secure, encrypted website. Clients can securely email, fax, and send information by postal services.

If you first contact us by email through our secure website, we can mail, fax or email our intake form to you. This form will need to be completed and sent to us so we are able to evaluate your insurance coverage issue. You may also choose to sign on to our secure Health Information Gateway and complete the online intake form. This information is automatically available for our consultants to review.

You can upload and share insurance receipts (Explanation of Benefits), pictures of skin conditions or other injuries to be kept as part of your medical records, chiropractic records, dental records, physical therapy records or any other information involving your healthcare. Benefit Defender enables you to upload, store and share all of your medical records in one centralized location.

Benefit Defender has a record retention policy of 5 years; however, we reserve the right to keep your medical records longer. Your records are retained for 5 years or more in case you require additional services from Benefit Defender. We reserve the right to change the Benefit Defender record retention policy at any time.

The Benefit Defender online secure portal allows our Healthcare Benefits Specialists to assist clients worldwide. Appeal and insurance services can be provided to anyone located where internet access is available. Please note that some Tele-Health and counseling services must be provided by service providers located in the state that you reside.

The cost for services depends on the level of services needed. After our Healthcare Benefits Specialists review your case during a free initial consultation, a determination can be made involving the type of services your situation would require. Benefit Defender requires a retainer fee for most services and our billing is based on 15 minute increments. Some services may require additional fees beyond the basic 15 minute invoicing. You may email us to request a fee schedule if you are a non-subscriber to our medical identity protection service.

Benefit Defender lets clients conveniently receive invoices for services provided by our legal consultants, counselors, and Healthcare Benefits Specialists. Our invoicing system allows you to securely pay for any services provided and allows you to view the services you are being billed for. You can access your invoices, track your invoices and know exactly what you are being billed for at any time.

Yes, you are able to pay monthly after the initial retainer fee is received. Benefit Defender will require a contract to be signed allowing Benefit Defender to start working for you. Benefit Defender will provide monthly invoicing to you for your billing records.

Benefit Defender does accept credit card payments. However, Benefit Defender will also except check, money order or cashier's check for payment of fees.

Yes our Healthcare Benefits Specialists are able to help you with your medical and prescription insurance claims, even if you receive your health insurance from your employer.

Benefit Defender services are not billable to insurance companies.

Benefit Defender is not an insurance company or a law firm. We are group of computer scientists, medical clinicians, reimbursement specialists and legal consultants that are very passionate about protecting our clients' health benefits and reimbursement payments.

Benefit Defender is not a law firm and cannot represent you in a court case against your insurance company. Healthcare Benefits Specialists are not attorneys. Our Healthcare Benefits Specialists are dedicated to fighting hard for you and helping you get what you deserve. Benefit Defender can assist you during the appeal process and during administrative review processes through government agencies. Benefit Defender has received referrals from law firms to assist clients in obtaining insurance coverage for medical and prescription claims in a cost effective manner.

Benefit Defender will negotiate provider fees on your behalf. Benefit Defender is not a health insurance coverage provider. We do not provide insurance coverage nor do we negotiate contracts with health care providers.

Benefit Defender enables a family member to have proxy rights over another family member. For instance, a mother is able to easily manage, view, and store healthcare information for her newborn child. Proxy rights can be allowed for spouses, parents, children, foster children and those individuals with legal guardianship over another individual. For individuals over eighteen years of age, we require a signed consent or legal documentation of guardianship before granting proxy rights to another person.

Benefit Defender frequently receives this question. The truth is the insurance industry is a complex industry with specific billing practices, medical terminology, billing coding and regulations. Our Healthcare Benefits Specialists understand the medical insurance process and are able to review insurance policies, to ensure that all claims are processed and paid correctly. Healthcare Benefits Specialists are able to explain how a client's insurance plan works. Benefit Defender will advocate for you when a claim has not been processed according to your insurance plan and will file a written appeal on your behalf, if required. Our software collects service provider metadata for questionable billing patterns. Benefit Defender collaborates with governmental regulatory agencies to assist those agencies with fraud and waste prevention in the healthcare industry.

Benefit Defender receives ongoing training of changes that are made to the implementation of the Affordable Care Act and health insurance benefits allowable under the Affordable Care Act.

Yes, Benefit Defender does offer Tele-Health and virtual classes. Benefit Defender extends the reach of healthcare with Benefit Defender virtual counseling and support services. You are able to access our registered nurses, doctors and mental health professionals from the privacy of your home or business.

The cost of Tele-Health and virtual classes depends on the service providers. Benefit Defender strives to provide you access to affordable providers no matter where you live. Benefit Defender currently provides an easy way to schedule, view, communicate, connect and make payments to service providers from the comfort of your home or business.

Benefit Defender clinicians are licensed registered professional nurses (RN), physicians, physician assistants (PA), nurse practitioners (NP), legal consultants, social workers, mental health workers, psychologists and psychiatrists. All clinicians are licensed by the state in which they provide services. Benefit Defender utilizes other types of professionals such as insurance consultants, medical coders, legal consultants and other professionals to provide various services to you.

Benefit Defender only handles non-emergency medical situations. If you have emergency situation please call 911.

F.A.Q. Support

Did not find your answer? Just ask us!