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  1. To proceed with a review of your current health insurance or health questions you may sign into Benefit Defender service platform by clicking Secure Login and provide us information requested on the Intake Form.
  2. Once you have signed in to our Benefit Defender Service Platform you are able to securely upload documents that are relevant to your health insurance issue including Explanation of Benefit letters, claim forms, provider statements, profile pictures, medical records, and other documents.
  3. After setting up an account on our Benefit Defender Service Platform, you can securely send us your medical and prescription claims. You are also able to use Benefit Defender platform to connect with legal and medical professionals that could help appeal decisions rendered by private health insurance companies, government benefit agencies, or coverage received through the health exchange marketplace for denied healthcare services. Click here for Secure Login.

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Benefit Defender
One West Old State Capitol Plaza
Suite 505
Springfield Illinois, 62701
Business number: 217-679-1613
Fax number: 217-717-1108

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If you have a general question or want to request a fee schedule for our services, you may contact us via the secure Request Information Form shown below: